How to Make a Bird Cage?

You’ll need 6 upright boards that are 1×2 by 6 feet and 13 rail pieces, 6 for the top and 6 for the bottom and 1 for the top of the door frame. These are 22.5 inches long. Build the side panels by attaching one top rail and one bottom rail to each of the 6 upright pieces. You can now assemble the six side panels together. Measure the distance between two opposing uprights and cut two pieces to fix between them. Put 2 – 3 foot upright pieces on the side panel. You are ready to staple the wire mesh onto the framework. Staple the mesh to the top side of the bottom rails first. With the bottom done, move on to the sides. Then assemble the door. Finally after the door is assembles and mesh stapled on it, attach it to the door frame on the cage with two hinges.