How to Install CD Player?

Be sure to have your car off and disconnect the battery. You need a screwdriver; phillips and flat head, a wrench and sockets. Now you un-screw the dash, carefully take out the dash, then you un-screw the factory stereo. Then you pull it out so you can see the wires and you look on the diagram and you code the wires with tape; which speaker, power on and off. Then you un-hook and cut wiring. You get your new CD Player; you take the wiring harness and then code it with the wires. Solder or crimp the wires together, etc; now you hook the harness into the CD Player. Then you carefully push the CD Player into the dash and screw it in. Finally placing the dash back together and screwing it on. Hook the battery back up and turn your car on to test the CD Player.