How to Install a Telephone Jack?

Tools that will be need include: Wire strippers, drwall saw, screw driver, drill/driver, 4 wire phone wire, electrical wall box, phone jack plate and wood screws.Once decided where to place the jack, mark the edge of a wall stud in that area. Cut an opening of the wall box using a drywall saw. Now run the wire. The best place to connect the new wire to circuit is at the screws at the back of an existing jack. If you desire to run the wire through the wall then pull it from the place of new jack to the suitable and convenient old jack before installing but if you wish to run the line along baseboard then it can enter the box from the front. Now screw the wall box to the side of stud. Now strip 3/8th of inch protective wiring coatingfrom each wire’s end. Connect wire with screws in new jack plate such that red with red, green with green and so on. Secure the jack plate to the box with screws provided. Again strip 3/8th of inch protective wire coating from each wire’s unattached end. Connect wires from new line to existing jack. Plug your phone and enjoy.