How to Grow Mushrooms At Home?

Mushrooms can be grown at home, but it is best to grow them indoors, in a dark, cool location, such as a basement, empty cabinet, or closet. The most popular mushrooms to grow at home are the shitake, oyster, and white button mushrooms. You will have to buy spore or spawn for your choice mushroom. You will have to place the growing medium in a pan and heat it to about 70F; this can be done by placing on a heating pad. In about 3 weeks the spawn will have rooted, so now the mushroom can start to grow. Place the mushrooms in a location with the temp about 55F and cover the spawn with an inch of potting soil, and then cover the soil with a damp cloth. In 3-4 weeks you should start seeing small mushrooms appear. You can find more information here: