How to Give a Good Back Massage?

To achieve a good back massage, you will want to have a few items within hands reach and have the recipient in a good position so you can reach their back easily. You will need a good massage medium, or rather lotion. One that allows for good movement but not too oily is best. Start by adding lotion to one hand then working into your other hand to warm the lotion well. Place both hands on the center of the back, placing pressure with your palms and thumbs. Move up the back then out toward the sides. Your working from the bottom of the back up, the center of the spine out. Don’t forget to give attention to the neck as well. Use your thumbs and fingers to rub into small areas. If at anytime you need to add more lotion, do you but leave on hand on the recipient at all times, if a person is in a complete state of relax, it can shock their system. Now that you have completed good massage, remind them it’s their turn for you!