How to Get Rid of Fleas on a Dog?

To get rid of fleas on a dog you will need to purchase a flea bath and or flea dip. You would put the dog in the tub and lather him up and let this sit according to the directions for the amount of time they mention. Be sure to get the dogs head and in between the toes as well as under the tail etc do not allow these insects a place to hide. Also after the bath the dog should be toweled dry and then you should administer one of the behind the neck type of bug repellent like frontline that lasts 3 months and will keep the fleas off the dog. Also note that if you have carpet in your house it is likely the fleas are in your carpet so you might want to get a carpet powder and use that and every time you vacuum you would want to be sure to change the vacuum bag so that they cannot live in there and then reapply the carpet powder for at least 3 months so anything that hatches will be killed as well. This is a process but if you are thorough you will be successful. The key is to get them in every place they are because if they cannot get on the dog they will then jump on you and your family as a last resort.