How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants?

Carpernter ants are a pesky problem. Look for sawdust trails as they often leave these behind in order to find their nest. The sound of cruching will also alert you to where the hive is. Since they like wood, clear your yard of stumps, decaying wood, sticks, branches etc. Place white rock around your house as these ants like moist warm areas unlike rocks. Place a bait and then spray. If the nest is outside boiling water on the nest usually works well. If none of this works consider hiring Professionals to Get Rid of the Carpenter Ants. If you’re certain that there’s a huge colony of carpenter ants in your house or nearby, then it’s best to hire ant control professionals to do the job for you. Schedule an initial inspection with your prospective ant control company, so they know exactly where the ants nest. Next, schedule a second visit where the people you hire can treat the nests around your house. Finally, schedule another inspection after a month to know if you’ve gotten rid of the ants for good