How to Fill Out a Cheque?

A cheque should be properly filled out, else there will be difficulties in cashing the check or some other error may occur. A cheque can be filled out easily, first, start with the date, it is the date when the payee cash cash out the cheque. Be legible and enter the accurate date. In US, we follow, month/date/year format. Then write the payee name in the given space that states ‘Pay to the order of’. Payee can be a person or business or an organization. You need to make sure you write the correct spelling. Then enter the numerical amount in the given box like 100.00. Do add the cents to avoid the confusion. Then write down the amount in the words below the payee name where it states as ‘dollars’. This should be exactly as the numeric amount. Now sign up the check. If you want to add the purpose of the check (for you to remember about the reason), you can include it in the memo field.