How to File a Civil Suit?

First you decide which court house to file at.You do this by going to Superior Court in the City you live.or you can go to their web site and type in the zip code of the person you are going to sue and they will tell you which court house to file at.Step 2Once you found the proper court house to file at, you go to the window and tell them you are here to file a civil claim. You pay the proper fees or you can get a fee waiver if you are on SSI or a low income situation. You can actually have all your fees waived if you are poor. If not I think it costs like $320 to get startedYou will be deciding whether to file, limited or unlimited Civil case which means limited is 7500-25,000 and unlimited is anything over 25,000Step 3You fill out your paper work and file thier paper work right there.