How to Engrave Glass?

Engraving glass is not only super simple, it’s also an easy way to dress up old bits of glass you may have around your house. Old wine glasses, mirrors, even your everyday drinking glasses can all be made to look unique, and can instantly dress up even the most mundane of occasions. What you’ll need:GlassA rotary tool or drill (something that’s going to number one, spin, number two, be small enough for you to handle easily, and number three, be capable of fine, intricate work should it be required)A dark colored cloth or rag (helpful to stuff one of these inside your glass so you can see the design you’re engraving on the outside a little easier)A clamp (you’re going to want something with a softer material on the actual clamp, and it’s important to make sure the clamp is fully adjustable. Squeezing too hard on the glass is going to end up breaking it, and that’s just no fun) Protective eyewear and/or earplugs depending on how sensitive your little eardrums are.Directions:First, grab the piece of glass you’re wanting to engrave. Again, it can be practically anything. It’s a good idea to start with something you’re alright with potentially losing, just in case something goes horribly wrong. It’s important to remember that your first few pieces are most likely going to be practice pieces only.Second, go ahead and clamp your glass down. Don’t put too much pressure on any part of it because strangely enough, glass is a little fragile. Third, if you have a design in mind, go ahead and draw it onto your glass with a marker. If you’re feeling brave, you can skip this step.Place the rag inside the glass.Lastly, go to work! Remember to wipe away dust as it accumulates on your piece while you’re engraving, and it’s fairly important to have, at the very least, protective eyewear for the project.