How to Drive a Manual Transmission Car?

To drive a car with a manual transmission, you must be somewhat coordinated and ready for a challenge. When you start the car, be sure that the clutch is in and your foot is on the break and the car is in neutral. You will put the shifter in first gear (which is all the way up and to the left) then slowly let out the clutch and give it some gas. Once you get to about 10 MPH you will push the clutch, pull the shifter straight down into 2nd gear, then let out the clutch. Somewhere around 20MPH you will push in the clutch and put the shifter up and slightly to the right of where 1st gear was then let the clutch out. This is 3rd gear, which will take you to about 30 MPH. Follow these same steps to get into 4th (staight down from 3rd gear) and 5th (all the way up and to the right). You always want the gear you are in to correspond with the speed you are going, and you must have the clutch in to shift gears. When you are slowing down to a stop you can either gear the car down, or you can just push in the clutch and keep it in neutral until you are ready to go again. Good luck, and don’t start out on a hill!