How to do a Term Paper?

First read and research your assigned or chosen topic.Take notes as you read and research on pertinent information that your audience will find interesting or that your instructor is asking for in the assignment. Create an outline, which helps to organize the flow of your work. Your notes or rough draft is edited and revised next.The method that I have used to write very successful papers that held the interest of others, is simply to answer a question. For instance What is the Teen Pregnancy Rate in the US? Or, Does Alcoholism Cause Depression? When writing a paper to answer such question the writer formulates an opinion and then finds evidence to support his/her opinion. Then he/she must find evidence that supports opposing opinion also. After that come to a conclusion that highly supports the main idea of the paper in the first place. It can be quite fun! Oh, forgot to tell you to limit yourself to the amount of sources assigned by the instructor to keep your paper where it should be and not become redundant in the speech of the paper.