How to Develop a Business Plan?

When developing a business plan you must have patience. It may be something you will work on for months in order to get it perfect, especially if you are contacting investors for funding. A business plan should answer the who, what, when, where, and how of the business. The how question is the most important one. How will you get your business going and how will it be run both physically and financially. Who is going to run the business and their qualifications? What is the name, product, motivation, motto, and intentions of your business. The business plan is a marketing and sales tool. It must be written in a way the convinces others that you and your partners are capable of making it a success financially. Financials are the bulk of the plan and must be considered carfully when doing your plan. The best business plans are written by those who have the most experience in their line of work and are most familiar with the financial workings of the business.