How to Connect PC and Phone With Bluetooth?

If you’re using a laptop, look for an icon that looks like a B made out of a twist tie in the system tray. Double click that. If you’re using a desktop PC, you may have to get a Bluetooth Adapter. Now, select which services you’d like to use with your phone and place a check next to the ones that you want. On your phone, go to your settings menu and enable Bluetooth. Then click on ‘find me’ or ‘pair’ on your phone. On your PC, yuor phone should appear in the Select a Device screen. Select your phone and click next. Type a code for pairing. Be sure to enter the same code on both the PC and the phone or it won’t work. Now it can be any number but you may want to look to see if the manual gives a specific code to use. Click Pair Now and on your phone, type in the same code. Click yes, or OK to pair the two together. Now on your PC. there will be a screen that says which Bluetooth services are available for the phone. Choose the one that you want. Double click the Bluetooth icon on your desktop, double-click a service icon and you’re good to go!