How to Clean Trout?

After you have caught your fish you need to set up your cleaning section. If you do it outside it reduces the smell in the house. But you can do it wherever you want. Firmly hold the fish. Use a scaling knife and scrape all of the scales off of the fish on both sides. Rinse it off so you can see the ones that you didn’t get. Rinse it and make sure that all the scales are off. Hold the fish in the palm of your hand with the fish belly up and the head away from you. Place the tip of your knife in the vent hole and start cutting towards the head. Keep cutting until you are near the jaws. Put the fish on the cutting board, on one side. Cut off the head off all the way and discard it. Remove all the guts from the inside. You can pull them with your hand or you can scrape them with a spoon. You will see some tissue along the spine with blood underneath. You need to scrape this out. You can do it with a spoon or your thumb. Rinse the fish and remove any misc. tissue. You can put it in a zip lock bag and put some salt in it and write the date on it. You do the same to the next fish.