How to Charge a Cell Phone Without the Charger?

To charge your cell phone without your charger you will first need to make sure that you have your Cell and your Battery, a pair of pliers, a USB cord, and a Kife. You first want to cut the rubber cover at the end of the USB cable (the part that doesn’t go into the computer), use your pliars to pull off the rubber, you will only need to use the black and red wires, before you attach you must know that the red is positive black is negative. Open you cell phone battery which is located on the back of your phone, locate the + and -. on the cell battery. match up both of the wires (do not match them opposite of each other). Place the battery into the phone making sure that the red and black wires are touching the + and -. Then plug up your phone using the USB cable into your computer and let it charge for just a few minutes but don’t let it charge for to long. There you have it a cell phone charging with no battery.