How to Change the Oil in Your Car?

Make sure your car is on a level surface so the oil can drain properly. Set the parking brake. Remove the oil pan. Find the oil drain plug from underneath your car. Put a large container underneath the oil plug. Loosen the drain plug with a socket wrench and then unscrew it completely with your hand. Be ready because the oil will rush out when you unscrew it so make sure the container is right under it. Let all the oil drain out. After all the oil is gone put the drain plug back on. Get rid of the old filter. Remove the oil filter with oil filter wrench. After you remove the old one, coat the new oil filter gasket with a little oil with your finger. Tighten the new filter into place with your hand. Add the new oil to your car. Remove the oil filler cap and use a funnel to put the new oil in. Put the oil cap back on. Warm up your engine and check the oil level in your car.