How to Calculate Gst?

It is not hard to see why it would be a little difficult to determine how to calculate GST (Goods and Services Tax). Actually, the GST by itself is the easy part, this is a federal tax of 5%. So, if you made a purchase of $100.00 in Ontario, you would multiply $100.00 X 1.05 = $105.00 or GST of $5.00. But, it does not end there, most Provinces also have a tax (PST) that is added, so going back to Ontario, the combined tax is 13%, so now on your $100.00 purchase, you are paying a total of $13.00 ($100 X 1.13 = $113.00) in GST/PST. So, you will calculate your GST/PST based on the Province where you make your purchase. For more information look here: