How to Build a Corn Hole Set?

Corn hole, the bean bag tossing game, has become wildly popular. To build your own corn hole game boards, gather the following list of materials:(2) 2’x4′ pieces of 1/2′ plywood (smooth sanded 1 side preferably)(3) 8′ long 2×4’s1 1/2′ deck screws2′ deck screwsCut 4 pieces of 4′ long 2×4. Attach these to edge of the under side fo your plywood using glue and 1 1/2′ screws. The smooth side of the plywood should be on top. Next, measure the distance between the 2×4’s you just attached to get the dimension for the short 2×4’s. Cut these and attach using glue and screws. you now have your top. Next you need to make the hole. Measure down from one end 9′ and 12′ from the side.. This will be the center of your hole. If you don’t have a compass for drawing the 6′ hole required, you can use anything circular that has a diameter of 6′ to trace around, or use a piece of string to attach to your center point that will be attached to a pencil at the other end making sure the string is 3′ in length from center to pencil. Draw your circle. Drill a sarting hole for your jigsaw and cut out the hole. Now for the legs to prop up your game board. You may need a helper for this step. The game borad should be raised at one end 12′. Now take a 2×4 piece, hold it up to the game board, and mark your angle you need to cut on the 2×4. Cut. If this fits, use this leg as a template to cut the 3 remaining legs. The legs can now be attached using the 2′ screws or nails through the side 2×4’s with the legs going on the inside (make sur these are at the top of the board where the hole is). A little paint and some bags and you’re ready to play!