How to Brew Tea?

Brewing a fresh pot of tea is a big change from the lipton tea bags. First you will need to get your ingredients together. You will need; tea filters, bottled water, tea leaves, tea infuser and mesh tea balls. Fill your kettle with fresh cold water. You might want to add a little extra water for the evaporation. Wait until the water is near boiling and then pour a little water into the teapot. Pour the water out of the teapot, this helps to warm the teapot. For each cup of tea, put one rounded teaspoon of tea leaves into the teapot. In your tea kettle bring the water to a brisk boil. Pour the water from the tea kettle onto the leaves in the teapot. Let the tea steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Stir and serve with sugar, milk, honey or lemon.