How to Become a Prison Warden?

A prison warden is the male equivlent to a prison matron. This person is in charge of the oversight of all male prisoners within a prison. He is also in charge of the majority of prisoners who are under the age of 14. In order to become a prison warden, first make sure that you have strong grades in high school. It is essential to develop great organizational skills at an early age in order to be great at this job. Of course, strong writing and other communication skills are highly catalyst to this job as well, this is because you will be communicating with the prisoners. The second step in becoming a prison warden is to begin by obtaining a job of some kind with your local police force, or with the police force that you want a job with. The majority of prison wardens and matrons are actually appointed by the city’s sheriff, and if you have lots of experience within the field, then your chances of getting the job appointed to you are greatly increased. It is also possible to obtain this job by getting a job doing various clerical work with your sheriff. Because these people are appointed, make sure that you do one of these two things very well, and make sure that you leave a great impression on the sheriff.