How to be a Supervisor?

If you are asking how to become a supervisor the best advice for you is to make sure you are performing at the top in your current postion. In addition you need to show leadership either by helping others who may be new to the team or taking on projects. Always ask current supervisors how they got promoted. Also, ask for feedback. Let management know that you are interested and want to know what to work on. Just be prepared when you ask for feedback. Feedbak is a gift you may not like getting. Even if you don’t like the feedback listen to it and think about it. If there is a negative perception out there then you need to work to change it. Take the information provided and take steps to improve these areas. Don’t be afraid to ask for follow up feedback as well to see how you are progressing. This will show you are taking accountability and action on what you were told. You may want to try to get a mentor as well. This person will provide feedback as well as work with you on developing skills. This also shows your interest.