How to Add Music to a Powerpoint Presentation?

The first thing that you want to do to add music to your powerpoint presentation is to download songs in MP3 format or convert your music to MP3 format. You will be unable to embed the files, but yu can link them through out your presentation. Next, you insert the music into your Power Point presentation. From the main menu Insert > Movies and Sounds > Sound from file. From the Files of Type drop down box, you want to select mp3 format. Now you want to select your music to play across multiple slides. To do this, select your music file and right click and select Custom Animation. Then choose Multimedia Settings and slect While Playing>Continue Slide show. Then you’ll need to set the Stop playing button and enter in the Stop Playing>After number slides the number of slides that you want the music to play for. And now you have music in your PowerPoint presentation!