How Much does It Cost to Neuter a Dog?

If you are private pay, then the range pf cost to neuter a dog is $65.00 to $350.00. The huge difference is based on 4 factors.1> size and weight of the animals. Many vets sharge more for larger dogs. They need more medication, more labor to lift and prep and use a larger space when recovering.2> Age of dog. Older dogs often need IVs or preanesthetic blood work. 3>Breed. Some breeds require special monitroing or procedures. Greyhounds do not tolerate anesthesia well, some breeds are prone to bleeding, etc.4> Location. Some regions it costs less to staff and manage a practice, and other areas it costs more.The high end cost of $350 would be for an IV, pre-operative blood work, 2 days of recovery for a large breed. The $65.00 would be for a smaller dog in good health going home the same day in the evening.Look around for low cost options. Even discuss with your vet the options. If they do not offer it, they will often know who does