How Much do Computers Cost?

The cost of a computer depends on how powerful the computer actually is and who makes it. A simple PC that was designed mostly to surf the Internet, check email, and play music and videos comfortably will cost anywhere between $300 and $400. Computers that are designed to play computer games, have more hard drive space, more processing power from the CPU, or even more RAM, can raise the price considerably. The average price for a computer that is slightly better than the simple family computer might run between $500 and $900 depending on where you purchase it from. Computers that are built with incredibly high quality parts that are the latest and greatest available on the market, usually computers made for professional gamers or movie editors, can reach anywhere from $1300 to $2400. On top of all this, it is actually considerably cheaper to build a computer yourself. This will allow you to shop around for the parts you would like in your computer at lower prices. It’s possible to build the same machine from major computer manufacturer for half the cost.