How Much can I Make Without Paying Income Taxes?

Every year it changes a bit but it depends upon your filing status, age, and whether or not you can be claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer.For 2006, if you were single, under age 66, and not a dependent, the limit was $8,450. For married filing jointly, you have to make less than $16,900.If you could be claimed as a dependent, the limit was $5,150. Those are the amounts for wages reported on Form W-2. The limits for self-employment income and unearned income (such as dividends and interest) are much lower, $400 and $850 respectively. If you earned more than those amounts, you were required to file a tax return. If you earned less but had income taxes withheld then you SHOULD file a return so you can get a refund of the income taxes that were withheld.Different (and usually much lower) limits apply for state tax returns if you state levies an income tax.For 2007, the limits are $8,750 and $5,350 respectively. The amounts for self-employment and unearned income have not changed.2 years ago