How Microsoft Became a Monopoly?

Believe it or not but it was fairly easy for Microsoft to become a monopoly because Bill saw an opportunity early on and it paid off. In the beginning the idea of computers and the internet seemed as far fetched as the Jetson’s lifestyle becoming a reality. When Windows hit the market, it was the best thing since buttered toast. Windows removed a lot of the programming or command codes needed to execute a simply operation. Then Word and Excel hit the market, and pretty much stifled Word Perfect and Lotus users because Word and Excel was developed on the WSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Point and click. If you wanted to print, just click the printer Icon. While Novell, was trying to hold its on in the market, there was not another reliable operating system besides Windows and there for their product had to be compatible with windows. Mac had moved into the area, but back then it was limited in the programs which were designed work with the MAC. Every computer relied on Widndows operating system, Windows was compaitable with just about every type of software developed, and Windows was the only reliable operating system and based on that, Windows monopolized the computer market. The fact is Microsoft had been a monopoly for quite some time just like other companies such as the phone and electric companies, but it was not until the less profitable companies started making noise that Microsoft was recognized as a Monopoly.