How Many Hundredths are in One Tenth?

The number system is based on a system of tens. This means that when you reach ten, you move over a place value. This is also true when working with decimals. In the number 0.01, this is said one-hundredth continue to count up, two-hundredths, three-hundredths, four-hundredths, five-hundredths, six-hundredths, seven-hundredths, eight-hundredths, nine-hundredths, if we were to continue the next number would be ten-hundredths, but it would be written 0.10. You could also drop the last zero, 0.1 and have one tenth. So, there are ten-hundredths in one tenth. You could also find this by using a 10X10 grid, each square representing one-hundredth. Shade in 10 hundredths and you will see that it is the same as 1-tenth.