How Many Gallons does my Pool Hold?

A pool can be a Round shape or Oval shape or Rectangle shape. If it is round pool, then use the formula, Diameter^2 X average depth of water (in feet) X5.9 = total US gallons required. If it is Oval pool, the you can calculate by the formula, Length of the pool X Width of the pool X Average Depth of water (in feet) X 5.9 = total US gallons. If it is rectangular or square pool, the formula is, length of the pool X Width of the pool X Average depth of water (in feet) X 7.5 = total US gallons. The numeric values given are the multiplier. And average depth of water can be calculated by, finding the average of the shallow end and the deep end depth. If you get the three value of, length, width and average depth, then you can easily calculate the number of gallons required for your pool. Hope it is clear. For more information, look here: