How is a Pope Elected?

According to the Roman Catholic faith, a God typically sends a new pope which typically works in a specific manner. This manner begins by the old pope dying and becoming buried. Then, the cardinals will come into Rome and will elect the new pope. The cardinals meet in a locked and secured area which is like another Vatican. This process of election typically begins 15 to 20 days after the last pope’s death. Once this phase has passed, they will meet at the Sistine Chapel and take their votes on the new pope in question. The newly elected pope must win by2/3 vote. After each vote has been cast, th cardinals will then burn the ballots to which special and specific chemicals are added. If the smoke turns black this means that no pope has been elected yet, and if the smoke turns white, this typically reveals the election of a new pope. Cardinals are allowd to elect any baptized male that they see fit for the job.