How does Someone Become a Saint?

Becoming a saint, or canonization, in the Catholic Church is quite an ordeal. First, the person in question has to have lived a life totally devoted to God and the Catholic Church. Someone will nominate them for sainthood, and the Catholic Church will investigate their lives; the local bishop where they lived will begin the investigation. Usually this doesn’t start until at least five years after the person’s death. A tribunal will be held, witnesses will be called to speak about the person, and if they are worthy, they receive the title ‘Servant of God’, and the cause is forwarded to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. If the Congregation approves the cause, an announcement is made publicly that the canonization of the person in question has met with approval. The next step is beatification, where it is proven that the person has performed a miracle. Since this is usually posthumous, it is usually proven by testimony that someone prayed to this Servant of God and received an answer to their prayers (for example, healing of a sickness). There are sometimes dreams, where the Servant of God appears to someone in a dream and imparts a message or healing. When this has been testified to, the Servant of God is given the title of ‘Blessed’. After the title Blessed has been granted, a second miracle must be performed. When this second miracle has been attested to by the Holy Father, the person becomes a saint. For more information see here: