How does Heat Work?

Heat is a form of energy that is transferred by a difference in temperature.Different materials conduct heat in different ways, but heat will always flow from the hotter material to the colder material.He is produced when molecules bump into each other and transfer the heat. Let’s discuss about a piece of ice. The ice is made of water molecules in a crystalline structure. The molecules have very little energy, so weak energies between can hold them in place. As we apply heat to the ice, we are putting energy into the ice, then water molecules begin to move faster. Soon their energy is greater than the energy holding them in crystal, and they fall out of the crystals and become liquid. If you continue to apply heat, adding more energy into the water, the molecules will move more faster. soon they are capable of jumping out of the surface of the water and merging with the other molecules floating in the air. This process is evaporation.You can find more information here: