How does a Conventional Oven Work?

I hope this is being asked by someone that is too young to use an oven for a science project!. Ok, depending on what you are baking, the oven has a temperature gauge ranging anywhere from 200-500 degrees Fahrenheit That means that you must know the recipe regarding how high your temp should be set. for instance when using theoven one is sometimes instructed to pre heat the oven first, then after baking your product for about an hour, you may be told to reduce your heat by maybe 100 degrees..this is done because of the way the oven distributes the heat. The air inside the box is significantly hotter in some places as opposed to others and it is important for the food to bakes evenly, Therefore, different recipes will tell where to place the food in order for it to bake effectively. Please little student do not use the oven for your experiment without mommy or daddy’s assistance.