How do You Write a Short Story?

To write a short story, the writer should start brainstorming on the five elements. First element is the characters. Second, there must be a setting. This is where the scenario takes place. Another equally important aspect is the plot. The plot is the sequencing of events. Fourth, there should be a conflict. A conflict is a struggle of two or more characters or things in the story. The conflict should be solved as the story ends. And fifth, there should be a theme. The theme is the central focus, idea or belief that the story implies. After all of these elements are brainstormed upon, the remaining steps in writing process should take place. After planning/brainstorming, the writing of the draft comes next. After writing the draft, revision of thoughts and sequencing must be done. Last step in writing is editing the work. If you want, you can get someone, a friend, to help you with editing so you can also see a perspective from other people.