How do You Transfer Music from iPod to Itunes?

let’s get to transferring that music first connect your i pod to your computer!!!if i tunes open and asks if you want to sync click NO!!! After your I pod is connected,open my computer foler and look for the i pod driveprob going to be the (F:) drive.OPe the i pod drive and click tools–folder options–view tab–click show hidden files and folders—-apply..Now you should have a new folder called ipod_control,Open the ipod control folder —then open the music folder—copy each one of those folders onto your computer(you can do this by creating a folder on your desktop and dragging the files into the folder..Open i tunes and insert the new folder you created on your computers desktop into: library—-music.You can now sync your ipod ti this new computer without losing all your music…therre you go hope that helps.