How do You Tell Time?

There are 24 hours in a day, and 60 minutes in each hour. A clock only goes to the number 12 unless it is a military clock so the hour hand of a clock goes around it 2 times a day. The first round is call the AM hours, and the second time is called the PM hours. The short hand points to the hour, and the long hand points to the minute. As the minute hand moves all the way around the clock, the short hand progresses to the next hour. When the minute hand is before 30 minutes, you say the number of minutes are after the hour, and if it is greater than 30, you say how many minutes until the next hour. If the small hand is on the 1 and the long hand is on the 25th minute mark, you would say it is 1:25 or 25 minutes after 1. If the minute mark is on the 40th minute mark you would say it is 20 minutes until 2.