How do You Sell Something on Ebay?

The first step in order to sell on eBay is to create a user account. Once the account is created, it is best to setup a PayPal account in order to receive payment when the items sells. You must also become a seller on eBay before you can sell any merchandise. PayPal will also protect you in the event the person pays with an NSF check. Next from the main page, select the ‘Sell’ tab and sell an item. You will be asked for credit card information to cover the fees. Continue to the next page to create your listing. You can also look at similar items to get an idea of the price range and how the ads are word. After you have setup your listing, select the number of day, if there is a reserve amount (the least you will expect to recieved) For example you can start the bidding at $1 but have a reserve price of $200. Buyers cannot see the reserved price. If the item does not sell, eBay will allow you to re-list the item again without an additonal charge. Include as much detail about the item, scratches, dents, color, or if the item is new or used. Upload pictures of your item from various angles. After you have finished, sit back and wait for the bid wars to begin.