How do You Raise Your Hdl?

For HDL (also known as good cholesterol) it is said the higher the better. HDL can be raised by simple lifestyle modifications. These modifications are effective means of increasing our good cholesterol i.e. HDL and include:1. Quitting smoking since smoking decreases HDL2. Limiting alcohol intake3. Moderate exercise regularly as frequent aerobic exercise can simply raise HDL by 5% in less than 2 months.4. Healtheir diet which is low in saturated trans fat (as it increases bad cholesterol or LDL) and high in mono or polyunsaturated faat (which increases HDL)5. Weight reduction if obese since every 2 pounds weight loss in obese can raise 0.35 mg/dL of HDL Some medicines like statins and niacin can also be used to raise HDL or good cholesterol.