How do You Put on Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are a process of simple steps. You will need fingernail clippers, plastic nail tips,a good nail brush, strong nail glue and the powder and liquid mixture to create the acrylic and a fingernail file and buffer. The first step is to wash and dry your hands thoroughly. You will need to size your fingernails to the fingernail tips and make sure you set them according to which nail they will go onto next. Take the finger nail file and give your nails all over a rough file, this will help the acrylic and the plastic nail adhere to your real nail. The next thing you will need to do is to mix the powder and liquid to creat the acrylic, the directions should be on the set. After the rough file start with the plastic tip and place it on the tip of your nail and go back onto the nail bed about 4 centimeters, once you know where you are going to place the plastic tip then you will put a dot of glue on your nail and adhere the tip to the natural nail. Continue with this until all ten fingers have a tip. Give the glue time to set and dry, about five to ten minutes, take the finger nail clippers and make the tip the length you will want your nails to be. The next thing you will do is take the nail brush and dip it into the mixture of acrylic, start with a pea size amount on the brush. Apply the acrylic from the brush to the natural part of the nail first. Take the brush and with a painting forward motion spread the acrylic forward. As you continue this step you will need to add more acrylic in small portions to continue over the plastic tip and on the side of the nail beds. Contiue brushing the acrylic until it covers the entire nail and is smooth. Continue this will all your nails and then let them dry about ten to twenty minutes. Take your fingernail file and file over the acrylic until smooth with no bumps or lumps. Take your buffer and shine. Apply a clear coat of polish and a color if you choose.