How do You Pick a Lock?

Step 1: Understanding how your lock works before you try to pick it is key. Most household and padlocks are pin-and-tumbler models. This means they consist of a cylinder that can rotate within its housing and is held in place by several pins.Step 2: Place a torque wrench into the bottom part of the keyhole and turn the cylinder to see which way the lock is supposed to open. If you turn it and the stop is firm then you’ve turned the wrong way, try the other direction.Step 3: Apply light pressure to the wrench and turn the lock in the right direction and hold.Step 4: Take the pick and insert in into the upper part of the keyhole and push up on the pins trying to figure out which pin is the most stubborn. Keep applying pressure to the wrench as needed.Step 5: Push up on the most stubborn pin as hard as is necessary to get the pin to unlock. You should hear a faint click as this happens and that means the pin has set and is out of the cylinder.Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all the pins have set.Step 7: Turn the wrench in the cylinder and the lock should unlock. If you turn the cylinder the wrong way, however, you will have to start over and reset all of the pins.