How do You Make Sauerkraut?

Making sauerkraut is one thing that I look forward to doing every year. We have a kraut cutter that cuts the cabbage into small strip like pieces. All it is, is a wooden board with a blade placed in the center of it, and a box that you stick the cabbage in and slide back and forth over the blade. Once the cabbage is cut, we dump it into an old 12 gallon antique crock. We then sprinkle a scoop of salt onto the cabbage and using a device we call a stomper, we begin to stomp and mix the salt into the cabbage. Everytime a pan of cabbage is added, more salt is added, stomping continuously. The more you stomp the kraut, the more juicy it’s going to become. When you’re all done with the process, we put a large plate over the kraut and fill a jug of water to weigh the plate down to push the juice upward. We then leave it sit so that the kraut can ‘work’ and pickle itself. The process usually takes between one and two weeks. When the juice goes down in the crock, the sauerkraut is done and is ready to be canned.