How do You Make Meatloaf?

The way that I make meatloaf is simple and my little boy goes crazy over it. Its one of his favorite things to eat in fact. All I do is take my pound or pound and a half of hamburger, put it into a bowl. Chop up a medium sized onion, add one egg, and crush up some saltine crackers and mix it all together. The amount of crackers you use is going to depend on how well the stuff sticks together once you start mixing. You dont want to add too much because then it will be dry. Once you get it mixed together, put it into your pan of choice and I usually sprinkle a bit of lawry’s on top of it so that it can work it’s way down through the meatloaf while it’s cooking. Once the meatloaf is about 10 minutes from being done, I put ketchup on it and put it back in the oven til it’s cooked through all the way. It goes great with a butter and herb seasoned potato!