How do You Make Chicken Spaghetti?

I have found that making chicken spaghetti a very healthier way than using the traditional ground beef. The ingredients for Chicken Spaghetti are quite simple as well, only requiring; Spaghetti, 1 med Onion, 1 Bell Pepper, minced Garlic, Mushrooms, diced tomatoes, 4 medium sized Chicken breasts, salt, pepper, parsley, basil, and 1 jar spaghetti sauce. Boil Spaghetti in pot until it is tender. Cut chicken breasts into bite sized pieces and sautee in medium pan using olive oil until all pinkness is gone. Add seasoning to taste. Add Vegetables to pan with chicken. Mix chicken and vegetable mixture, spaghetti, and spaghetti sauce together. Chicken Spaghetti is a great meal and can be found on