How do You Make a Line Plot?

A line plot is a graph that shows frequency of data along a number line, it is best to use a line plot when comparing fewer than 25 numbers. It is a quick easy way to organize and collect data. How you can collect data: data can be colleceted from a number of the Internet, worlds almanac’s, and person observation. (Remember: The Internet data is not always right.) Also collected data must be controlled, this means that data must be collected under the same rules for each set. Once all data is collected than you can make your line plot. 1. Determine the scale that can be used. If the data is best described in 100’s have the scale increase by hundreds. If all data can fit on a scale 0-10 than make it 0-10.2. Than draw a horizontal line across the paper. 3. Break the line into equal parts that will hold your scale.4. Lastly list the data, place an X over the correct number for each of the datum collected. If a number is repeated than place the X above the other.