How do You Make a Dreamcatcher?

You will need several things in order to create a dreamcatcher. You will require glue, feathers and beads for decoration, leather in the color you desire, waxed thread, and a wire hoop. All of these items are easily found at any craft store. Basically, in order to create your dreamcatcher, you begin by wrapping the leather around the wire hoop covering it completely without leaving gaps and without overlapping. Once this is covered, glue the ends into place. The second thing you need to do in order to create your dream catcher, is to thread your waxed thread through a large needle. Once this is done, tie the end piece of the thread onto the loop, and pull this thread about two inches around the hoop. Continue with this process until you create a ring around the hoop. Continue with the process until the inside of the ring is completely covered. Lastly, decorate this with beads and feathers.