How do You Get Ringworm?

Ringworms has nothing to do with worms but it is a fungal infection of the skin. So relax on the fact that worms invading your body! True to the name infected area does look like a ring on the skin. It could be white inside the ring or have blisters. Common names like athlete’s foot is a type of ringworm that you can get from gym showers and locker rooms. Ringworm of the toenails and fingernails is also common. Your nails will become brittle and will crumble easily. You can get infected from ringworms by contact with another person or an animal and even an object that was touched by someone that is infected with it. Okay so you have ringworm now how do you get rid of? There are plenty over the counter creams and ointments that are specifically for ringworm or you can an oral or topical prescription from your doctor.