How do You Get Rid of Blackheads?

Though the best way to remove blackheads is an area of debate, the most common method for getting rid of blackheads is to gently squeeze them. Removing the ‘stuff’ inside of the blackhead helps the skin because you are relieving the pressure which causes the damage. We know it can be nearly impossible to leave a blemish alone so here are some tips for gentle blackhead removal: 1. Drying the face with a clean towel Use a mild scrub or skin exfoliant to remove any dead cells and expose the blackhead. 2. Pat your face dry. 3. Place a slightly warm compress on your face for approximately 10-15 minutes in order to soften the blackhead, making it easier to remove. 4. Pat your face dry again. 5. Place a piece of tissue on the tip of each finger to avoid slipping, which could tear the skin and cause further damage. 6. Gently apply even pressure to both sides of the blackhead by pushing down, then up around the blemish. You’re trying to apply the pressure from *underneath* the blackhead.Only attempt this once or twice. If it does not ‘pop’, you may bruise the skin, make the blackhead worse, and could cause scarring