How do You Get Music on a PSP?

It is a easy process to transfer the music files to PSP. Begin with, inserting the memory stick into the memory stick slot in the PSP. Turn on the PSP. Plug the USB cable into the PSP (mainly Mini-B connector) and into your computer (standard USB connector). Find the ‘USB connection’ icon on the ‘settings’ menu, press X button. then your PSP will display as USB mode and your computer will recognize it as USB storage device. Now, you can open the memory stick of PSP and create a music folder inside PSP folder. Copy the music files which has to be tranfered and paste in the music folder created in the PSP folder or even you can drag and drop the music files. After completion of the saving the files, you can disconnect your PSP by clicking ‘safely remove hardware’ on the bottom menu bar and unplug the USB cable and press the button on PSP to return to home menu. Now you can enjoy the music using your PSP.You can find more information here: