How do You Cure a Ham?

You can buy a cured ham, but you can also cure your own. For about 50lbs of ham you will need 4lb salt, 1 oz saltpeter, and 1 lb sugar. You are able to find salt peter at any drug store. Mix all the ingredients together until well blended, divide the mixture in half since you will be applying the mixture twice during the curing process. Cover the ham with your cure mixture, working it into the surface that doesn’t have any fat on it. Put them ham into -40 degree F storage. Take the ham out and cure it again on the seventh day. Then place the ham back into -40 degree F storage. Keep it in the storage for 7 more days for each lb that your ham ways. After that put the ham into cold water and soak for about an hour. Stiff brush the rest of the mixture to get the salt off the ham. Place the ham in storage that is 50 to 60 degrees F after you have dried it for a few minutes. Store it there for 14 days to let the cure set in and for it to shrink. You can find more information here: