How do You Cook Turnip Greens?

There are many ways to cook turnip greens, but here is one way. The first thing you do is roll up the turnip greens and chop them to the size you want. The next thing you do is put them in a pot filled with cold water. Add a little salt if you want. Let the turnip greens boil for fifteen to thirty minutes, depending on the size of your pot of greens. Then drain the water from the pot. In a seperate pan fry a few pieces of fat back or bacon, both work great so either one or both is fine. Fill the pot back up with cold water, make sure the greens are covered with the water. Add salt, pepper, fat back and/or bacon, and a few dashes of hot sauce. Bring the water to a boil and let the turnip greens continue to cook and let the water cook off. It will take about an hour or so to let all of the water boil down. While the turnip greens are cooking you can check the texture and taste as you go, adding more ingedients and stopping the cooking process when you like the texture of your turnip greens.